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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 18, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to remonitor and we were greeted with hostilities. >> reporters and on observers describing a gruesome scene. >> some of the remains are concealed in fields of sunflowers. >> it is heartbreaking when you look at the bodies and the faces and of your expressions of complete fear. >> the deaths are an outrage. >> the plane was brought down by a missile fired from inside rubble held territory on the russian border. it is being moved from the area with one of the missiles missing. ukraine intelligence released a recording they say is a phone conversation
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between two prorussian rebels discussing the down plane p. plane. >> president obama placed blame on the russian government for not doing enough to ease tensions in the regions. he says the rebels would not be able to function without the training and equipment that's coming from russia. >> this continue to violate the ukraine sovereignty and supporting the separatists. >> more on who was on the flight 17, grant lotus is standing by. >> the 298 people on board and 173 people of them were dutch and one american were on board, quinn lucas shawn, you can see his picture here. he has his citizenship and on his facebook page he says he moved to am amsterdam for
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school. shawn also leaves his mother and sister behind. >> another victim is a student from indiana university. she was studying chemistry. th5 -year-old was said to be friendly and loved america. maybe 100 who were on their way to this weekend's aid conference in austria and roughly 100 people head to the event died from the attack. katherine. >> coming up at 5:30, we'll have expert analysis on the political fall out of all of this. on our website we have the latest videos and photos from the crash site. you can stay up to date of the investigation with the kron 4 news news app. 49ers star, smith has received his punishment after pleading no contest to gun
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charges and drunk driving charges. kron 4 news is in the courtroom and has the story. >> reporter: in the end, aldon smith will spend no time in jail in connection of drunk driving charges. he addressed the court briefly promising and abiding for his actions. when they searched his home after a wild party. he was also facing a drug drivig charge. based on his lack of criminal hy , the lack of criminal intent, his good behavior and the fact that he enter an alcohol treatment program, the drug reduced those felony to misdemeanor and sentenced him to three year probation and 12 days in jail along with
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fines. both sentences are set to be concurrent. >> i don't care what goes on in the media whether he's going to play or what. what i care about is the danger of the public and my office has been faithful to that. when that's our guy, you do the right thing. i think today where the judges e the consideration of all the lems, the judge did the right thing in the sentence. >> reporter: smith with serve that jail time administered by the sheriff's office and he will serve that time on monday which means he should be free to play football on sundays. san jose, kron 4 news. recently the la's city attorneys declined to press charges against smith. you will see part of this on a cell phone video.
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smith taken into custody after he became belligerent and he said at one point, he had a bomb. there is an an arrest in connection of an 8-year-old san francisco who was robbed while selling candy on the street. dan has been following the story and has the report. >> this woman is behind bars. she's been identified as 46-year-old . she's arrested thursday evening and nf robbing an 8-year-old girl. >> the incident happened on monday afternoon near this corner market. surveillance video from the market shows the suspect. police say the 8-year-old who was robbed is one of the three kids standing behind her. the kids were selling candy in the neighborhood. police say after they left the store, the suspect was waiting. she first asked the 8-year-old for bus fair and
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as the girls begin to give her change she twisted the girls' arms. >> he saw the girls after the robbery, he says the suspect's arrest comes as a great news. >> that's an awful thing you do to kids. >> when they catch somebody, it is a good thing. >> i am so happy, that person needs to be off the street, our kids need to be safe. >> if that happens, it is likely that the suspect will be in court monday or tuesday of next week. kron 4 news. he was a tech executive and a married father of five
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killed by a hooker. at 5:30, new restrictions in the south bay for pot clubs. are they too tou necessary. next, how people's opinions of t change if you post sexy photos of on facebook. i will tell you what we'll see coming in from the bay area, coming in just a little bit. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually.
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photos sexy photos on social media they are viewed as less intelligence. the only difference is the profile photos. one of them a woman dressed conservatively and the other is a revealing red d people generally surveyed and give lower mark to the sexy photo. what we know of the south bay wreck that left one person dead.
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bunow at whavehe justle be,
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[evi i gup..eeeey...n[dna]o teme st tng iour use, aure waiwaitherere y ing?
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the executive has many raised their eye brows and question. the 51-year-old seems to have it
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all of a wife and impressive career and a big house and fancy yacht. why would he turn to a hooker and hard drugs. most of her clients are tech exs . she says sex can be the most powerful drugs. >> chemical that's released and the moments we start thinking of sex and locks in the same transmitters in the brain like opian do and morphine. once you start triggering that, it is a form of emotional escape. you are becoming addicted to that drug and your brain and your body develops a tolerance for it just like a normal substance such that the person has to start engaging and more and more shocking behavior and taboo kinds of
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behavior to get the same effects. >> coming up at 6:00, you will hear of the frantic call that he made reportedly to a former boyfriend the night the google executive died. new development of that story, stockton police is tracking down the violent bank robbery this week that killed two suspects. we have learned that police are now looking for a fourth suspect. they just released this photo today. look at the silver car, the one in the back right there, that's the one police say they believed carries three bank robbers to the bank, they were dropped off to this car. the bank of the west on thornton road. police wants to know who owns te car and who was driving it. what we know is that the three men entered the bank and use three hostages and one of the hostages' vehicle to escape and that led to an hour long police chase.
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>> in a hail of gunfire two suspects died. the surviving suspect, 19-year-old jaime ramos was arrested and will be in court on wednesday with charges. they're asking for more information from police and wants citizens to share with them pictures and videos of the incident. 41-year-old misty holt died during the shoot out leaving behind a husband and two children. >> the type of woman she was, she was the most caring and loving mother and wife. >> and the community to honor hs been scheduled for saturday night in stockton and a correction here, police are looking for the black car and whomever was driving that that dropped off the three suspects at the bank in stockton earlier this week. katherine. a man killed thursday by a sheriff's office and
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alameda county has been identified. 36-year-old andre milton of san leandro. he saw milton badly beating a woman and shot and killed him when the man tried to run the woman down in his car. milton has a violent criminal history. the deputy who shot him is on routine leave and is pending investigation. doctors arrested for shooting a man after a road rage incident is out on bail. james simeon shot a man simeon pulled into the drive wad another man followed him. the man who was shot is hospitalized with serious injuries. in san jose, a woman was killed in an accident today, four other people injured and it happened along the northbound 101 exit at lawrence express way. the people in the car had been celebrating before this happen.
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kron 4 news mike has the story. >> reporter: a 30-year-old woman out of san jose did not. she died at the scene. today officers arrested jaime junior, she was the driver of the honda accord that crashed just before 2:00 this morning on lawrence express way. speeds and alcohol appeared to be factors of the crash. they were inside the car. the car went off the road and slit into a ditch. her husband was among those in e car and sustained injuries. everyone in the car appeared toe drinking and based on how they were dressed it appeared they were celebrating the other woman's 23 birthday before the crash. there is many lessons learned in this crash. >> number one, slow down and number two when you get in the car put your seat belts on and number three, the most
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important thing is never drink and drive >> the four survivors of the crash including the 34-year-old driver taken to the hospital. this case go to the district attorney. kron 4 news. they say it happened at the community center in palo alto, the woman says the man followed her into the restroom and went into a near by empty stall. he held a cell phone under the wall and took pictures and ran away when the woman yelled. two new ordinances took effect in san jose today meaning tougher regulations on pot clubs. kron 4 news will tran has that story. >> reporter: for those that want to stay in business, they have to show up to san jose to apply for new zoning permits and working out the operational dimensions for what needs to be done. the first in line this morning is matt. matt, you have a pot club in san
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jose, do you agree with what the city is doing. some of your colleagues believe it is too tough for them to remain in business. >> regulations is tough on everybody but you have to comply with it. for four years the city went with no regulations at all and a lot of clubs were on the fringe of running businesses and a lot of complaints so it is understandable by what the city did what they did. is it easy to comply? no, but with some hard work, you can follow it. we are excited to making this transition. >> so many new rules include that you have to grow marijuana at your location. it is hard to do it in the city of san jose and around the clock security and you cannot smoke pot inside the business. >> it is not running folks out of the city, it is a set of regulations that we are ready to step up to. o
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cultivations side, we don't grow anything ourselves now but we'll bring in the top farmers of our team. it is going to be tough to make the transition but it is doable. >> reporter: do you think you will make a semiless transition? >> yes, our goal is to continue to operate our facility until the end of the county and making the new transition to the new county. >> reporter: thank you very much, for those who are not complying we are talking about 80 pot clubs in san jose. and the city will come in and check it and if they don't like what they're seeing then those places will be shut down. reporting in san jose, will tran, kron 4 news. firefighters in san francisco found marijuana growing illegally inside a house today. they arrested a man, you can see it here in connection with that operation. they made the discovery while at a fire there at the 300 block of may flower street. the suspect has not been identified and it is not clear how the fire
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started. well, we saw a little less fog out there today. we look at our san mateo bridge camera and you can see broken clouds over the hills. you can see clouds. at ocean beach along with san mo coastline there. clear everywhere else. temperan the 70s and lows 80s for the most part. we are hanging on in the 60s at the coastline. 66 in san francisco and 65 in richmond. it is 82 in antioch and 7 8 in sunnyvale. as we look ahead to tonight, we are going to be seeing the fog returning once again. we are going to see tropical moistures back in this weekend. it is going to be muggy and warmer once again. we'll have a slight chance of showers, i will tell you all about it coming up. a playful father took something from this little girl
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that made her unhappy, the video that gone viral. and 5:30 of the latest development of the malaysia airlines flight 370. flight 17. bulldog: oooh!
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♪ mattress discounters all right, take a look at this, you know that i got your nose game that people play with kids. now, a new video with a little adorable girl. she's upset that her dad steals her nose. >> oh, daddy, >> what did he do with it. >> baby. >> i want my nose back. >> here. >> yeah. >> you are happy now. >> say bye camera. >> that guy is thinking of another video featuring british baby that blew up the internet a couple years ago.
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>> ouch charlie! that really hurts. >> that one posted add few years ago and now has 740 million views on youtube. which videos did you like better? we have a poll going on our website and the leader may surprise you. we posted both videos in their entirety, you can check it out on we'll be right back.
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developments in the crash of malaysia flight 17, president obama confirming today the plane was shot down over ukraine and at least one american among the nearly 300 people killed. we are live in washington dc tonight with the latest. >> hey, katherine, good afternoon. right now three fellow agents right now is on the way to ukraine. president obama announced that there is at least one american on board of the flight, malaysia flight 17. >> their death are an outraged of unspeakable proportions. >> the eyes of the world are on east ukraine and we are going to make sure the truth is out. >> the president says evidence
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indicates that the plane was shot down by the missiles killing 298 people on board. a recording between two prorussian rebels discussing of the plane going down. [ indiscernible audio ] >> the president placing blame on the russian government for not doing enough. the rebels would not be able to function without the sophisticated training and equipment that's coming from slaush. russia. >> the russian government says ukraine is to blame for facilitating the violence in the region which led to thursday's tragedy. ukraine's minister says that's just not true. >> it is no way our force can be engaged in anyway of this incident or any other incidents around.
5:32 pm
>> obama urging u.s. to ramp up this. >> this is certainly a wake up call for europe and the world that there is consequences to an escalated conflict in eastern crane. yien. >> several question s are still remaining and exactly who fired that missile yesterday and who gave the order to fire. >> palo, we keep on hearing reports that the independent monitor is being treated with hostility and they're not being able to see all the crash site. what can you tell us about that. >> those federal agents are going to be meeting up with these 15 to 17 international monitors there that's already part of the first wave to visit the site. some of reports from the investigators they were met with some hostilities and some of the armed rebels asking them to leave after a
5:33 pm
short stay. at last check they only spent about 75 minutes on the ground. you have to think about the fast investigation that has to happen. these investigators need to get their hands on the evidence and most importantly to treat the deads and so some of the bodies are in the early stage of decompositions. it is important for the international community to get this this conflict zone, of a very tense region right now. >> palo, we are hearing reports tonight that the russian rebels might have the black box and they're taking moscow, have you heard anything like that? >> we know that ukraine's minister spoke at an interview today and he was asked that question, every indication according to the minister tha
5:34 pm
black box is still in ukraine. other portions of the plane could be potentially missing. >> thank you very much, that's palo, live in washington dc. thank you. our political analyst, michael is joining us now. we have president obama saying it is an outraged and mccain is saying there could be hell to pay, where could we be headed with this. >> first of all, the president laying the blame. there is no doubt that that's being done to rash up the pressure on putin on a number of different ways. the cnn reporter says there is a confrontation for tomorrow and that's when fbi and ntsb agents get to the site. if they're not allow full assess, there is going to be a lack of a b word
5:35 pm
hell to pay by putin. it is a united states built airliner and it is going to be watched carefully tomorrow morning. >> the clock is ticking. and who the knows what has been moved or tamered with as the hours goes by. >> it sure it has been tampered with. >> horrible reports of lewding going on and everybody has been talking about how the people is treated there. the fact that we have a very, very flash point of diplomatic relations going on here between the united states and russia and the european community. the european community has not gone on much of the sanction that the u.s. putting in. there is so many residents lying on the ground. they may say to russia, look, pt putin, you better let our folks getting in there. maybe we will join the u.s.
5:36 pm
of the sanction of this sector and individuals that's targeted by us unilaterally. >> you don't think this won't necessary change anything that putin is doing. do you believe that? >> it is all aimed to change. the track record of putin is that he will say one thing and he will do another. so far, despite all his pros station that they pulled back and the fact that the matter is the u.s. landed the case. this is all a question whether or not they can make him do it. his track record is he will not. he might let the people into see the crash site and to recover the victims and begin the investigation. beyond that, i am not too sure how much progress we'll made. >> he's under incredible prosh, probable pressure. probably the most since he's bed . >> internally he's secured. .
5:37 pm
>> okay, michael, thank you very much. if you like to connect with michael, you can do that, he's on twitter at yaki blog. grant. new development in the east today. israel ground is continuing to intensifying. but, today the ground operation extended further into the gaza strip. israel is now saying the operation could last up to two weeks and the prime ministers is telling the military to prepare for a significantly wider campaign. two israelis have died yesterday. one fifth of the death are said to be children and un general will arrive this
5:38 pm
weekend to try to help with the conflict. well, it is generally warmer today. we were at 79 in napa and 78 in pleasanton and 84 in antioch and 80 in livermore and down in the south, we hit 76 in san jose and 77 in sunnyvale. live camera, the fog is a little broken here and mainly clear skies. the fog was definitely not quite as intact this morning as we saw. as we look ahead tomorrow, we are going to start the day with some frog, it is going to be warmer. we'll have more cloud covers coming in the afternoon. it will bring us muggy conditions sunday with a light chance of showers. we'll talk more about that. coming up with more westnile turning up around the bay area. and next, new research, a lot of people wer taking their prescribed
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medicines. today on wall street stocks, here is a look at the closing numbers for friday.
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like this week, locally grown g&s farms sweet corn is just 8 for $2.00. safeway, ingredients for life. appearance matters. a new survey looked at ten thousands patients who had heart attacks and many are more likely not to get refills. simply because the shape or color of their pills changed. 30% people say they stop taking pills when the shape and color changed. doctors need to reassure peopl generics work equally well. you can see some low clouds hanging around the bay. we'll see more of that tonight
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and we'll see some changes this weekend. i will tell you what you can expect c up. here to help us deeming with dementia is our doctor at the institute of aging. hi, karen, it is great to have you here. >> let's talk about the symptoms on early dementia. >> i think everyone starts to look at memory problems. the kind of memory problems we are going to see is different than something like losing your keys. it is more of forgetting how to do somethin forgetting information that you normally do everyday. how does our brain organize information and how do we act in problem
5:44 pm
solve well and how do we find groceries. those are the early things that you might see. >> if you see someone struggle with this, what do you do and what's the next step this is overwhelming. >> it can be overwhelming both for the family members and the member. >> the first thing we think about it, is the person having a hard time functioning everyday. at that point is we can come in and do testing and figure out if this is dementia that you are seeing or not and a lot of recommendations and what kind of help. >> great, thank you, karen, thank you for shedding lights on this. you can go to their website or
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give them a call.
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happening now, more westnile has been turning up around the bay area. there has been at least two local human cases this is year and with more people outside during this summer months martha shae has advice on protecting them. >> it is important to separate the facts from beliefs that's just plain right. >> according to the center for disease control ntion, there is over 3000 cases of mosquitoes. of tspecies that bites humans. another commonly held beliefs that mosquitoes are attracted to certain foods, colors or blood
5:47 pm
types. the truth is, these factors don't make a difference. if you are going to be outdoors, use repellant on your skin and clothing. wear long sleeves and pants and socks. and lastly, limit outdoor acies between dust and dawn when mosquitoes are the most active. a live look from the bay bridge toll. the fog will be returning tonig. right now still comfortable 70s and we are still hanging onto the lows 80 in antioch. 66 in downtown san francisco right now
5:48 pm
and 65 in richmond. as we look outside on the satellite picture, we are continuing to see these spotty thunderstorms throug sierra afternoon. you can start to see the hint of it moving back up to the northwest. we are going to see more of it making its way to the bay area and through the weekend. what we see right now focusing on the sierra. you can see lightning strikes hs down to yosemite national park, too. we have some heavy rain and flash flood warnings in effect near lake tahoe. over night you can see fairly widespread and by 9:00 it is a little slower. by noon, that fog will make its way back to the bay shore. again, that tropical moistures edging towards the bay area. temperatures tomorrow is similar today, a couple degrees warmer though.
5:49 pm
we'll be in the 70s and lows 80s in the south. 77 in mountain view and inland valleys running in the 80s. 73 in haywood and 70 in richlands. 80 in santa rosa. this weekend, foggy to start thy tomorrow but that tropical moistures coming back in. we'll feel sticky out there especially on sunday and a slight chance of isolated shower on sunday. that's north bay and into next week. temperatures will start warming back up and we'll hit the 90s by the end of the week. the way the drugss being shipped, are being shipped that's getting fedex in trouble. we have the story. >> fedex shipping ten million packages all over.
5:50 pm
now, some of the packages have gotten the companies into trouble. . the charges come after a nine year federal investigation. according to the indictment, fedex knew something shady going on. aggressive customers who would jumped on trucks and demanding their shipment immediately. fedex says they're innocent and pled not guilty to the charges. in a statement, we continue to stand ready and ready to assist law enforcement. we cannot do the job of law enforcement ourselves. fedex also says they have repeatedly asked dea for a list of online pharmacy but have never been given the list. the indictment highlights the importance of holding corporations knowing of illegal activities for their roles in aiding criminal behavior.
5:51 pm
a conviction could mean more than $820 million in fines and penalties. . well, hitting theaters this week, a couple of scary movie for adults and for children. >> i just had an idea. >> that great idea goes south real quick in sex tape. >> jason segel and cameron diaz . the couple then goes on a quest to erase the video. sex tape is rated r. >> the purge continues the story of america. >> if you are not purging we advice you to get off the
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street as quickly as possible. it will soon be a war out there. >> this time the main character waits until the purge to avenge his death as a child. >> the purge is rated r. >> and for something totally different. there is plain fire and rescue. the sequal l to last year's movie. >> i am jeremy ross. coming up, there is many ways to ride your bike in oakland but i am going to show you the wrong way in the next edition of people behaving badly. tonight at 8 p.m.. [ shelly ] as a gradua of devry university
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new at 6 p.m.. one prostitute told the
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boyfriend of the same night of a google executive died of over dose. a deputy shot and killed the man and witnesses tell us what they see. we have more news next at 6 p.m.. and we are looking live from our cam here. the low clouds are settling in and we have a chance of showers coming up. football is back. joining me live as we talk a little bit about niners and plus, we'll go inside the stadium and showing you what's on the game's day menu. it is all on sunday night at 9 p.m. right after the news.
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airline remaining at the crash site. the malaysia flight 17 flight shot down in ukraine. tonight family members of those who are killed are in morning. mournging. >> every minute i want to die because i don't know how to do this without him >> we know that one american was among the 298 passengers on board. the u.s. and world leaders are worki find out who's responsible. >> their deaths are outraged of unspeakable proportions. >> the plane was brought down by a missile fired inside the territory on the ukraine side of the russian border. ukraine intelligence released an
6:00 pm
audio recording they say is a phone conversation between two rebels discussin down plane. >> the government in kyiv says this video showing the firing platform is being moved from the area with money of the missiles missing. >> you can look at that wreckage behind me and you can see it is literally being ripped apart. >> reporters and international observers describing a gruesome scene. >> it is heartbreaking as you look at the bodies and the expressions of complete fear. >> and you are learning more of the victims on the malaysia flight 17. one american was among the 298 people on the flight, he's identified as quinn lucas shawn. he has a u.s. citizen on his
6:01 pm
facebook page, he mov amsterdam for school back in april. shawn also leaves behind his mother and sister. another victim was a grad student at indiana university. she was a student studying chemistry. in an unbelievable twist of faith and an australian family is now affected by both malaysia airlines disaster. the brother and sister in law were on the flight back in march, this was a photo of her making a statement in march p. she learned that her stepdaughter was on the plane that went down yesterday. it just ripped our guts out again. >> and a woman who says she and her baby were supposed to be on the airliners says she's
6:02 pm
still s by news of the crash. >> ill feel that i have been given a second chance and so hopefully we'll get there safely and i will see my family again. >> and we'll continue to follow developments online and you can get the latest information on our website and on our facebook and twitter pages. in other big news in the bay area, man shot and killed by an alameda sheriff deputy. he's been identified as andre milton, it happened on thursday during a confrontation. the deputies say milton has been spotted beating a woman violently and he had a criminal record. one witness talked about what he saw in the moments before the shooting. kron 4 news has the story. >> the cop was following towards her. >> this man asked us not to reveal his identity is describing what he saw when the
6:03 pm
deputy confronted the suspect beating a woman here on the 900 block of east 14 street in san leandro on thursday. >> right now, that's when i saw the confrontation happened. >> the cell phone photos taken shortly after the incident occurred. witnesses tell me they saw a man who investigators identified as 36-year-old andre milton beating a woman that was parked here along east 14 street. >> he was covered in blood and this is what he sees >> the spokesperson from the sheriff's office say nelson says the fact that the veteran deputy dr his motorcycle on the street shows the dwyer situation. >> the assault is in progress and he is witnessing this and he's seeing this woman is getting hit by a large man. she's a very small woman.
6:04 pm
>> sergeant nelson says milton o run the deputy over with his vehicle when the fatal shooting occurred. >> as far as relationship to the female victim. >> certainly boyfriend or girlfriend at some point. >> investigators are asking anyone who may have used their cell phones to record this incident, to contact the alameda county sheriff's office. >> we want to make that part of our investigation. >> kron 4 news. there is three bank robbers in the violent shoot out. but, there maybe a fourth person involved. we just received an updated surveillance video. stockton police want to know who the car belongs to. they think three robbers were driven on this car
6:05 pm
and dr off on the road this week. one suspect survived and 19-year-old jaime ramos was arrested and will be in court on wednesday. meanwhile, the family member of the lady died talked about her. >> she was a loving and carrying mother. >> 48 hours ago they had a wife and mother and now they have no one. >> the victim misty holt was 41-year-old, she had been walking in the bank and leaving her daughter in her car when she suddenly became a hostage. tomorrow a community vigil is planned in her memory. a woman accused of robbing an 8-year-old san francisco is under arrest. police say ladonna christian and you see her here arrested for felony and
6:06 pm
assault and endangerment of a child. monday, the three children in line behind her selling candy in the neighborhood. they say the woman outside twisted the 8-year-old girl's arm and forced her to drop a bag of money and took the money and got away by bus, she was arrested last night. >> in this case we definitely want to apprehend this person, we definitely want her off the street. >> the case now go to the district attorney. the 49ers aldon smith was in court today. he's facing up to four years in prison but he will not serve any behind bars, the judge reduced the felonies to misdemeanor and sentencing him to be in a work program and three years
6:07 pm
of probation. smith did not ge special treatments. >> you are considering whether the person is taking any efforts to rehab tating himself. he was not playing with the 49ers for five weeks. he's taking efforts to better himself and that's the kind of thing that judges respond to and so i am not surprise of today's sentence. >> smith was charged of a weapon case after deputies raided a party when they found a gun smith bought in arizona where they were illegal. fire in the path of the home and the despite for a higher minimum wage hits closer to home. another warning about the danger of powder caffeine, experts say it can kill.
6:08 pm
the low clouds starting to move back in san francisco. we are going to see more of that tomorrow and we'll see some changes this weekend. it might bring us some rain. i will tell you what you can expect coming up.
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
fda is warning people staying away from powder caffeine. all of this came after a teenager in ohio died.
6:11 pm
it is powerful and health experts say even one teaspoon is like drinking 25 cups of coffee as once. powder caffeine is sold online and fda warns that most of packages are not properly labeled. grant. over 100 homes destroyed .nside a wildfire racing a total of four fires are burned in the same area. this is carleton complex fire, it is grown to 170, 000 acres and 2000 firefighters are there battling the fire and a state of emergency was issued over 20 counties. evacuations for two cities for people there on the ground, it is beyond terrifying. >> we got the dogs out and the house can be replaced. it is really something. last night was way worse. last night it really looked likl . you can see flames everywhere you look.
6:12 pm
>> fire officials say fortunately, no injuries have been reported. comeing up. dozens of hump back whales. and also the executive's girlfriend of the, where she tells us where she was the night he died. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
6:15 pm
there is new information on the prostitute accused of the heroine over dose death of the google executive. the night of forest tase's death. >> the man you see here is chad cornell, he dated the suspect around the time tase was on board with his yacht. >> he did not know that -- she told him she was going to
6:16 pm
santa cruz to meet some friends but at 3 or 4 in the morning, he says tickle man called him up sounding frantic. a former high school friend invited her aboarding the yacht and that's when the people started doing drugs making her uncomfortable and causing her to death. and as he laid dying, she was far from frantic as she gathered her thing and stepping over the victim's body. she pleaded not guilty. she had no reasons to kill hayes because of all the money he had paid her. he says she seems fine but a little shaken. during the course of their seven months relationship, cornell says the two talked about her boyfriend. a case now is
6:17 pm
examined by police. cornell says the two went through an ugly break up this june. he showed of this ugly conversation. he was surprised when days befor arrest, she reached out again wanting to get together one last time. in the light of what's happened, he says it scares him to think what her intentions could have been. >> it is important to note that before chad cornell did the interview, he called kron 4 and offered to ta us but only we can beat the price that he offered of $100, 000. kron 4 news could not beat the price so we turned him down. the chpp says the driver was
6:18 pm
arrested under suspicious of drunk driving. this was about 2 this morning. the car went off the road and landing on its side and in the enbankment. speeds are alcohol is a factors. the chp says no one in the car have been wearing seat belts and there is lessons to be learned from the crash. >> number one, slow down and number two, put your seat belts on and number three, the most important thing is never drink and drive. san francisco police say they arrested this man, they say he's behind a string of robberies and burglaries and had been targeting the elderlies. they say th named german woods. he has been booked into county jail. the city of san jose new pot clubs' law, they took effect today as of many morning.
6:19 pm
they have a list of new regulations and just one example, they cannot have stores in many parts of the city that's why some owners spent the day at city hall filing new zoning and permits. if it is approved the stores will stay open and if not, they'll have to close within 90 days. well, changes is coming to the forecast this weekend. tomorrow we'll have morning fog and it is going to clear about 10 in most locations and warmer on saturday. we'll start to see increasing clouds in the afternoon and evening hours. some of those high clouds that we saw earlier in the week when we had the monsoonal moistures that's going to return on sunday and bringing us muggy conditions and a slight chance of an isolated showers. next week we'll see warming inlands and returning to a more summer-like pattern. tomorrow morning showing that widespread low clouds stretching
6:20 pm
all the way into our inland valleys and clearing back to the bay and towards the north bay by 9 p.m.. it is going to clear faster than what this tracker showing us here. temperatures tomorrow is 70s and 80s in the most part. 79 in palo alto and 84 in san jose. and even getting to 90 degrees in antioch and 82 in concord and 70s inside the bay. we'll be in the 70s in the north bay but also in the lows 80s in san rafael and napa. we'll continue to see thunder showers and lightning strikes with it and rain that's causing some flooding concerns. satellite and radar pictures are showing that threat is confining to the sierra. you can kind of start to see the hint of some of this moistures moving its way up the coastline down here with a couple of
6:21 pm
showers that's going to continue as we head into the weekend. really sunday is day that we are expecting the most high clouds coverage and a chance of showers really light and those muggy and sticky conditions. next week we'll start to warm up and by thursday and friday, our typical summer pattern in full swing. it will soon be illegal for federal agencie discriminate between gays and trans gender workers. the other . businesses that contract with the federal government will also have to follow the new rules but religious organizations will not have to comply with the new laws. the supreme court ruling allowing religious exceptions for businesses so they can opt out of providing birth controls for their employees.
6:22 pm
twitter coming under fire of the information that social media is keeping from the public and why activists are not happy about it. the fight to raise minimum wage and the controversial billboard is what you are seeing here being used as a scare tactic. next. bulldog: oooh!
6:23 pm
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6:25 pm
minimum wage is heating up in san francisco. the large billboard shows an ipad as a replacement for an actual server saying hello, may i take your order. the ad is against the idea of raising the minimum wage to $15. right now it is $10. 50. the board will be re placed by technology and if the proposal are approved. people are sounding off on our
6:26 pm
facebook page. the price are keep on rising. ml comments, whatever, as long as my order is right. what do you think of the billboard and the minimum wage issues, you can join the conversation online, you can hit us up on twitter and facebook and we'll be updating this story on well, twitter is coming under fire to release information on employee's diversities at the company. jesse jackson wants twitter to release that informat other tech companies like google and facebook have already disclosed similar information. still ahead, a look at our top stories including the malaysia flight 17 shot down by a missile and world leaders are demanding to know who's responsible. nasa has new photo of a comet, they say it is a rare view. and
6:27 pm
dozens of humpback whales are spotted in the bay area and where you can get a close look, next. for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. that's why safeway works with over 150 local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered daily to safeway. so there's more local produce to love. like this week, locally grown g&s farms sweet corn is just 8 for $2.00. safeway, ingredients for life.
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baand ustring.ough but w, tre's betr wa introducinthe rst-er raidefen sysm. it attacks theugs u se ntro theugsyou n't e... d prents. keeng bs out. the id defen sysm... get e e bu. ra. kis bu dea schnso a fily mpan
6:30 pm
investigators trying to going through the wreckage, they say russian militants are around the area and they're not being cooperative. the crews said a gun was fired in the air as they were being forced out. president obama is calling on russian shan president president putin to step in. that's his father that you just saw. thomas schenn who works in the g industry. shawn also leaves behind his mod sister. immigrant lotus, kron 4 news.
6:31 pm
the stockton police department released the identities of two suspected bank robbers who died in a standoff with police on wednesday. they are 30-year-old gilbert junior and 27-year-old gregory martinez, both are of stockton and both are gang members with criminal records. a third suspect is jaime junior. she's being charged with kidnapping a. in the news room, kron 4 news. 49ers linebacker aldon smith is sentencing in connection with weapon and drunk driving charges. the judge in the case sentenced smith to 11 days in jail to be served in a work program and three years probation. smith was arrested for drunk driving
6:32 pm
in san jose last year. accepts recovered several illegal weapons which purchased in arizona and brought home to california. kron 4 news. in another big story, the ex-boyfriend of the high priced prostitute who's accused of injecting the google executive with a dose of heroine is speaking out. chad cornell told us online, she told him she has been invited onto the yacht of a high school friend in santa cruz and the people she hung out with started doing hard core drugs and so she left. new pot clubs' rules are in effected. permits are needed and the city will review
6:33 pm
it and if it is approved those existing marijuana clubs will be continue to. and if not complying with the rules the clubs will be shut down. here in san francisco, there is been an arrest in connection of that 8-year-old who was rob of the mone earned by selling candy. >> the woman in the store ladonna christian was arrested on monday. the children behind her had been selling candy in the neighborhood. the suspect twisted the 8-year-old's arms and forcing her for the bag of money. kron 4. investigators here at the alameda sheriff's office have released the name of a
6:34 pm
recent shooting in san leandro. his name is andre milton. milton has a long history of art not only in alameda county but in san francisco and drug arrests and resisting of arrest and weapon arrest. our big story of weather tonight, the return of a tropical moisture this is week. which means it will be a little muggy. starting tomorrow, you will not know much of a change. we'll see increasing clouds covers in the afternoon and the high clouds as the subtropical moistures making its way up to the south beach. muggy condition on sunday and a slight chance of shower. temperatures tomorrow, we'll be warmer and 80 in san raffl and 84 in napa and 80 in sunnyvale. you can see we are in the clear and still seeing some thunderstorms through the sierra
6:35 pm
bringing a lot of lightning strikes and heavy rain and you can see the hint of some of the subtropical moistures making its way back. just a hint of it right now and it is going to return saturday night and into sunday. so your extended forecast, a little warmer out there tomorrow and sunday about the same but it is going to feel warmer on sunday because of the higher humidity. as we move into next week, things will resumed to normal for the bay area, morning fog and afternoon sunshine and warming temperatures to 90 degrees inlands by thursday and friday. here is family roberts who finds people behaving badly. >> i didn't know i was going through crazy but yeah. >> how fast did you think you went through? >> well, i came to a stop. >> oh. i don't know. >> while he figures out whether he stopped or not. here is one thing for sure. you get some interesting
6:36 pm
comments from people pulled over for various violations. this occurs in pacifica and all the way to half-moon bay. >> let's check in on the stop sign runner. >> what's your idea of a stop sign? >> come to a stop and go. >> describe a stop to me, i am curious. >> here is another one. >> where are you from? >> seattle. >> >> that's why i figured we got pulled over. >> there is no brakes lights anywhere. >> pacifica, you are going to get it. >> the speed limit. >> i am not used to driving this
6:37 pm
car. i drive a '97 toyota thing. >> if you are not used to drive it in the rain, would you be driving it slower? >> probably. i guess i was not paying attention. >> back to the stop sign runner. >> okay, describe stop by not using the word "stop". >> you come to a complete haul and then you go. >> oh, you didn't do that. >> i guess not. >> this driver had his streets mixed up. >> i guess i got confused. >> i didn't notice it was a police officer and not a deputy. >> there will be more of this in the coming months all paid for by the tax you pay every time you gas up. stanley roberts. kron 4. the oakland fire department will have some new members about two dozens of them
6:38 pm
graduated today from the oakland's firefighters academy. they packed into the veteran's memorial billing. city council members were among those giving them the official welcome. coming up humpback whales making a big splash, look at that photo, dozens returning to the bay area and where you can get a close look, next. football is back. join me this sunday night on sports night live as we talk about niners and raiders and we'll go inside the levi's stadium and the british open. it is it is all on thi no rush, andy. it is all on thi come on. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute.
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big splash. look at that, three of them right there. cruises giving the tour that the whales can be seen offshore. there is more than a dozen whales about a quarter mile off the beach. they have been near moss landing since march. they were a few miles out and now they're close to shore. we sent a reporter on a boat today to check it out. you don't want to miss it, whales watching in your living room. in sports, gary and his lovely wife, they're going to open up the mail and answering your questions. they break out in miami and they got the highlights in all the sports, next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
hi, everybody, for die hard
6:46 pm
fans for the niners, don't worry, you will not miss any days. aldon smith after pleading no contest to drunk and driving and assault weapon charges. the sentence came after the judge reduced weapon charge to misdemeanor noting that he has no criminal record involving violence. one more time, you have to wait to see how the nfl will respond. smith will serve 235 hours of community service and pay nearly $4000 in fine. the only question is will he take that $4000 out of his right or left pocket at this point. these reports varied but he's going to miss maybe two games. that seems to be the general thing as the nfl will come down on this. as far as anything else, aldon smith has to do a little extra work but he should be okay and not have to serve any
6:47 pm
jail time. the giants exploded in the second half of the session. we are talking about major explosion. their pool is outdoors. maybe,m getting too old. you go to a ballpark to swim . brandon crawford is a two run homer. and everything goes to the giants. and then at 5-0 in the fifth, a three run homer, right now, 9-1 giants. they begin their second half of the h the dodgers who earlier in the game in st. louis, dodgers losing 1-0 to the cardinals. pretty big dea a's is
6:48 pm
going to be in baltimore tonight. look who came b mr. -- and dave parker. it was a beautiful story last week. parker though battling parkin but back tonight. dennis gave his thoughts about the four games sweeping the giants and the bay bridge earthquake series. >> it is hard to remember when you throw a ten day gap in there. i remember we came back and smoked them. that's when i remember of it all . i didn't have a lot to do with it but i got the las. >> the different style players and entertaining ball club and when fans came out to watch the play, they got their money's worth.
6:49 pm
>> by all concerns, welcoming him back and those of you remember he's the guy who blew the whistle on steroids and at the end of the day, he was only the guy that was not lying about it. tiger woods rough day from the gecko for woods. he had to birdie the 18th hole to make the cut. here he goes, shot a 77. the last whole of birdie so he will play this weekend. phil mickelson, shot a two under 70 and even for the tournament. the hottest guy right now. oh my god, is roy macker roy rolling in the birdie and he would set himself up for the bird. he shoots 66. and he will play a couple of
6:50 pm
rounds this weekend. wake up and watching this at 4 a.m., round three. >> oh, i cannot wait. >> what do you have here. >> you are over dressed for the news tonight. >> she always looks beautiful. >> it is the one night to get out away from the kids, let me have a little dress or something. >> when i go home, i am going to go out and snore. >> anybody cares about me? i am tired. >> not really. >> wake up for just a minute. okay, the baseball all-star game bored me. any suggestions. >> yeah, don't watch it. the jeter deal was interesting. once the starter and the big nae and the fourth and fifth innings these are all-stars playing but not names that you
6:51 pm
have been familiar with. don't ever feel trapped by having to watch something. turn it off. >> that's some good advice. >> thank you. >> rio says watching you at the 49ers' stadium, it did not seem like you are laughing a lot. >> no one was saying anything funny. [ laughter ] >> this was a day for a lot of laughs and i have been sitting out there all morning from the radio, i got a couple of people tweeting. hey, it does not looked like you are smiling so he caught me in a moment when somebody was not saying anything funny. it was a great day. >> yeah. >> it was not a day for belly laughs. there sensitive side to me that i don't show. >> michael, how do you explain your favorite lebron james running out on another nba team. >> you know, mike, you cannot leave the second time. when you go back to your second time
6:52 pm
but when you go back to your hometown team. >> it is a good reason. >> i have not heard too many complaints. . what lebron is doing for the economy. and when you say you are going home. >> andre wrong again. >> i thought once the u.s. left, the television's ratings would not be so hot but the momentum carries it. before i am done, i want to see these ratings carrying over to major league soccer in the country. >> do you argue as much off the air as you do on. >> well, jeez. >> [ laughter ] >> katherine, the problem that i have. no, if you have a teddy bear, when you got a young life, you got to listen to it. she's on my [ bleep ] all the time.
6:53 pm
>> no, i don't think so. >> no really. >> things that i like and songs that were popular and movies that i liked. >> i like all kinds of music, no, no. >> that's not true. let's go back to katherine. >> okay, that's my cue. coming up next, san francisco getting ready to present two special guests, a wolverine's weekend. that's up next.
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♪ mattress discounters of wolverines and you don't see this often. the san francisco zoo is putting them on the exhibit this weekend. they looked like between an otter and anyway, 17-year-old male and 13-year-old female, you got to
6:57 pm
go this week. not a lot of zoos have them. see you at 8:00. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
6:58 pm
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"the insider," with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> breaking news now. >> disaster in the sky. >> the airliner missile strike. the war in gaza. >> israel launching this ground invasion. >> the news is covering both stories as hollywood sounds off. >> it's very disturbing. >> it's a sad and very frightening time in the world right now. >> and gets hit with backlash online. our inside story. >> unless you're understanding what the state of israel is, shut up. >> then -- >> tim mcgraw under fire as he slaps a female fan. plus -- ♪ new adam levine wedding secrets. >> friends and family only, small wedding. >> then jon cryer on charlie's drunken drive-thru. >> sometimes you need a late-night taco bell, right? >> who hasn't? awesome. >> and -- a "friends" red carpet reunion.
7:00 pm
>> he just said i can't keep my hands off her. >> aw. >> what are you drinking? >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. >> hello, everyone. welcome to "the insider." i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm thea andrews. we've got a lot to get to tonight. but first, here is today's top story. >> more breaking news now. >> tv newsrooms in overdrive today. >> fox news alert now on what is being called an act of terrorism. >> turning now to our other big story. >> as networks scramble to cover the drama unfolding on two major news events. >> two major stories as we come on the air. >> the other major story of the morning. >> want to get back to malaysian flight 17. >> it's been nonstop. we've been on it. and you have to stay on it. >> going to samantha power next. >> we were behind the scenes at the fox news channel with america's newsroom anchor bill hemmer as they covered the downing of the malaysian airliner and the invasion of gaza. >> after this hopefully. then we'll just go to break. >> i was watching our correspond